Yeti Polychem Pvt. Ltd.

Yeti Polychem P. Ltd is a joint venture between Reliance Group and Kedia Organization. Yeti Polychem is Nepal’s first PVC flooring and artificial leather manufacturing company. Yeti PVC flooring is the market leader in Nepal with a market share of over 90% in its category. Along with serving the Nepalese market, the company’s flooring is exported to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Varanasi.

The use of the company’s artificial PVC leather can be seen in various items manufactured in Nepal such as belts, shoes (insole and upper), and furniture. The company’s artificial PVC leather unit supplies its products to Nepal’s biggest furniture, accessories, and shoe manufacturers. The ability of the company to customize its artificial PVC leather products to suit the needs of its customers has allowed it to become the go-to company for all artificial PVC leather based goods in Nepal.

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