Capital Markets And Insurance

Click on the logos above for the more information on the institution. One of Reliance Group’s strategic investments has been in the banking sector. Reliance Group has the largest promoter share in Siddhartha Bank Limited and is a key promoter of Kumari Bank Limited. In 2016, both the banks had a combined annual profit of over Rs. 2 billion. Furthermore, the Group promoted SubhaLaxmi Finance Limited as a national level Finance Company with a capital base of NRS. 200 million in 2010, which later merged with Reliable Finance Limited and Nepal Consumer Development Bank Limited in Q1 2014, and was renamed Reliable Development Bank Limited. In 2016, Reliable Development Bank Limited, was acquired by Global IME Bank Limited.


  • Investing in ventures that maximize value for all stakeholders
  • Operating in a sustainable manner and reducing the impact on the environment
  • Providing a conducive work environment for our employees, promoting learning, participation, career progression and growth
  • Continuous focus on delivering quality and excellence to our customers
  • Carrying out our corporate governance responsibilities with trust and integrity
  • Being active citizens in the wider community and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility