• To be pioneers in the introduction of products and services as per the requirement of the local market
  • To supply products that consistently exceed customers expectations and gain competitive advantage in terms of quality and service
  • To maximize the utilization of local resources in carrying out our industrial activities
  • To create a work environment that fosters teamwork and participation, and provides opportunities for learning and career progression
  • To be considerate of our environment, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and carrying out our activities in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner


  • Investing in ventures that maximize value for all stakeholders
  • Operating in a sustainable manner and reducing the impact on the environment
  • Providing a conducive work environment for our employees, promoting learning, participation, career progression and growth
  • Continuous focus on delivering quality and excellence to our customers
  • Carrying out our corporate governance responsibilities with trust and integrity
  • Being active citizens in the wider community and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility